Forumk Business Tricks To Flee From “BHAIZONE” On This Raksha Bandhan!

Tricks To Flee From “BHAIZONE” On This Raksha Bandhan!

One again the festival of Rakhis is around the corner for which every pair sibling waits eagerly. Sisters tie a beautiful Rakhi on the wrist of the brothers and pray for his well-being, and in return brothers with many unspoken promises, take the responsibility to protect their sisters from all the evils around. The charm of this beautiful relationship never faded whether you both are miles apart. So, on this Raksha Bandhan, take online Rakhi stores in rescue and avail the Rakhi gift delivery in Delhi services to send the hearty wishes to your brother dwelling in Delhi.

But, the question is does there is always the need for a brotherly figure to protect girls from the mishappenings? Can friends or categorically “male friends” not do that? Why girls actually “Bhai-zoned” every known or even a strange person? Will these so-called Bhaiyas surely respect girls as sisters? The answers to these questions are hidden somewhere in the core, mantle, and crust of the earth. Well jokes apart, Raksha Bandhan is no doubt one of such festivals that hold the affectionate love of sisters for their brothers and the never-defining concern of the brothers for their loving sisters. And also it is celebrated amazingly across India with traditions and rituals.

But no single boy will deny the fact that this festival is also one of the biggest fears for them. After the friendship day, when they are friend-zoned by many girls in the office and college, they don’t want to be Bhai-zoned now. This zestful festival is celebrated to cherish and honour the beautiful relationship between siblings. But, with this, it can also have some ill-effects for those single men who are afraid of that vermilion thread. Here is an escape guide how they can protect themselves from the counter-attack of girls.

Street smartness at the rescue

The best thing you can do is to show your street smartness i.e. don’t agree on whatever she says. Show her your intellectual side and let her think twice before offering you a Rakhi.

Say no to desperation

Let your face not express your desperation. Make her realize that you are too important. One or two; and it is all. Don’t try too many times. The more desperation you show, the quicker she will lose her interest in you.

Escape will make the next day worse

There is no need to take leave from your work of the college. Show some courage and face her. There is no need to run from the situation. Take it as fun and have a sports spirit.

No pampering on Raksha Bandhan

Say no to frequent lunches, flowers, chocolates, and other perks. She will mistake you as her elder brother and then on Raksha Bandhan, you can expect a Rakhi in return to all this pampering.

Show your sarcastic nature

Girls generally like those who have a witty sense of humour. Try those one-liners on her which she never wants to be used on her. This will surely reduce your chance of being Bhai-zoned.

Take the path of Honesty

The best thing that you can do is to speak the truth. If you like someone and don’t want to be her brother for lifetime, then it is better to speak to her directly than to make turns and rounds. This will reduce the complexity and make things clearer.

It is okay no say no to Rakhi sometimes. Tying Rakhi is not a certificate of siblinghood or proof that the boy will surely respect you. Brothers are not someone whose position can be given to any strange person. So, girls remember one thing; you cannot transform a bad guy into a good one by simply tying a Rakhi.

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