Forumk Business News How Businesses And Companies Can Save Electricity Bills

How Businesses And Companies Can Save Electricity Bills


Companies in various industries are searching for ways to maximise profits while trying to minimise costs. They are adopting the best strategies to ensure that they are not spending more than required for their day-to-day activities and expenses; one of which is electricity. Electricity is very important and there is no industry or company that can do without it.

This is the reason why it is very important that companies adopt smart ways to ensure that electricity bills are reduced. There are a lot of ways to get this done and this post will be showing you and your company how.

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Maximising lights

From fast-food restaurants to hospitality facilities such as hotels, lighting play a big part is creating the right ambience and environment. As an energy dependent appliance, you should always opt for energy efficient lighting. For instance, replacing traditional light bulbs to LED ones are a sure way to save the environment as it utilises less electricity when being operated. The fact that it lasts 25 times longer also means less replacement cost over the long run.

For less obscure areas such as the patios for hotel rooms and toilets for quick-service restaurants, occupancy sensors could be installed so that the lightings turn off automatically when not in use. It is an effortless initiative that will contribute to your company’s savings.

Use better air-conditioning units

You would want to ensure that you are using air conditioning units which are energy efficient, especially those endorsed by the National Environment Agency with a five tick rating. These should be constantly upgraded to save energy. In a nutshell, ensure that every piece of outdated equipment is replaced adequately.

Conduct regular maintenance

If replacement cost is the issue at hand, an alternative to save energy is by cleaning and maintaining the facilities you own.

Having gunk and dust build up means the air conditioner needs to work more to push cooling air out of its unit. Your air-conditioning system will work much better once you can carry out regular maintenance on its filters. This will enable it not to consume too much electricity thereby enabling you to save more in the long run. Imagine the savings by multiplying one unit by multiple outlets or hotel rooms. That is some massive savings!

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Also, ensure that refrigerators are well inspected to avoid any form of leakage. This is because leakages can make them work more than required before cooling which will have a negative impact on your electricity bill over a given period of time.

Conduct consistent energy audits

This will enable you to know your rate of consumption over a given period of time, and more importantly detect energy consumption blind spots. Without this knowledge, you will not be able to know whether you’re consuming more electricity than necessary or not.  By identifying peak periods of electricity consumption, and which appliances are not energy-efficient, management can take the next step in replacing those appliances.

This is applicable to small food manufacturing factories to larger industrial processing facilities.

Selecting a suitable electricity plan and retailer

With the Open Electricity Market (OEM), companies are able to choose their preferred electricity retailer.

Electricity is a constant cost that could fluctuate heavily through the open market every half an hour or with changes to the electricity tariffs every three months. Engaging in a retailer who is able to provide a variety of plans that suits your company is crucial as different plans provide different unique offers (e.g. fuel-indexed plans, fixed price plans).

Don’t stop at just this article!

Start comparing a few electricity plans in Singapore’s OEM from a leading electricity retailer to find out what is suitable for you.