Forumk Business Technology The Ultimate Goal To Get The Best Shift Scheduling Software

The Ultimate Goal To Get The Best Shift Scheduling Software

The Ultimate Goal  To Get The Best Shift Scheduling Software

Scheduling workers in their different shifts is a daunting and thankless task in many organisations. Before assigning staff to their different time slots/shift handover, the person in charge of this work must think hard. When done correctly, efficiency is increased, and labour costs do not overrun revenue. This task must be performed week after week, month after month, and year after year. When done manually with paper and pencil or on a spreadsheet, this can be a time-consuming and error-prone operation.

Only the largest companies could afford shift scheduling software that allowed them to automate the task of scheduling employees until a few years ago, but thanks to advancement in Cloud-Computing now anyone can get one. Employee scheduling and shift preparation software is now available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model from many providers, which can be used in a range of industries and companies with as few as five employees or as many as 15,000 employees. Best of all, this piece of software will only cost as little as $1 a month per employee, with discounts available for large workforces or for subscribing to a package of similar services like HR management or payroll.

What is a Shift Scheduling Software?

Regardless of their appearance, both employee scheduling and shift planning software applications have a few key features in common. For example, an employee database contains individual employees’ contact details, job title or style, training or other credentials, and availability (including shift preferences and time-off requests). In addition to manually entering employee information, all the vendors provide new users with options for uploading existing personnel data from sources such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, payroll, and point-of-sale (POS) systems. Some allow admins to add new staff with only a few details; employees can also fill in the rest of their information the first time they log into the system, which is a time-saving function that managers can appreciate.

A million of positions (e.g., waitress, cashier, bartender, dishwasher, and host) that can be cross-referenced with locations or work websites is another shift scheduling software important feature. As workers review their schedules, some platforms integrate with Google Maps, allowing them to see the location and get directions. This is a useful feature for employees like caterers, painters, and movers, whose job requires them to travel to sites every day.

Key Features Of A Good Shift Scheduling Software

Having said the importance and use of a shift handover software, let us now discuss the key features which must be present in the software that you tend to use to schedule your employee’s schedule.


For a variety of purposes, a good scheduling shift log software should be cloud-based. To begin, you do not need to download any large software to use the tool, all you need is a URL that points to your company’s operations. Plus, this will also ensure that your software will be less prone to bugs and errors as cloud-based services are updated on a very frequent basis.


The last thing you want is to confuse your employees with the learning-curve on your shift scheduling software. This will potentially make them not use the software. Try to choose a shift scheduling software which is to the point and does not have any unwanted feature which you might not use.


You do not want sensitive and private data of your employees to be leaked. Make sure whether the service provider is a credible one and that all your company’s data is stored in a secure place. You must feed the software with your employee data to make sure you reap the most out of it. So, the highest you can ensure is that your data lies in safe hands.


There are numerous free scheduling tools available, but their functionality and support cannot be relied upon. On the other hand, there are online schedulers that charge a monthly fee, and these are the resources that typically come with a lot of functionality and decent customer service. The other great thing about paid services is that they typically care about your data’s security and will safely guard it as much as possible. The important thing here is to find the right amount of balance, do not pay for features that you will not use. For example, if you are a start-up with 5 employees, then you probably do not want sophisticated shift scheduling software and can do with a free one.

Shift scheduling software is proving to be a very important tool in the arsenal of any company of any size. It is more important to make sure that your workforce is working as much as possible than having a ‘Strong’ workforce. Making your HR do this does not only make it very tedious for them but is also prone to more errors. If your workforce is not organised by a shift scheduling software, then it is high time that you start to.