Forumk Branding RenderWatch: Why People Still Wear Wristwatches And How To Get The Best Of Them

RenderWatch: Why People Still Wear Wristwatches And How To Get The Best Of Them

There has been a strong demand for watches on the market globally. Internationally, the biggest watchmakers everywhere (in Geneva, London, Hong Kong or even New York) have been in big business because their watches are and have been in high demand. For instance, the watch industry has experienced a boom in Australia over the last decade simply because the industry of accessories and lifestyle cannot be pushed aside.

Why do people wear wrist watches?

When people dress, and they do not adorn their wrist with a quality watch, most of them have reported feeling uncomfortable and incomplete. To this end, even though our smartphones are equipped with the function of telling time, it is still very popular to see people spending a fortune to get a wristwatch.

Watches are in great demand because of their collection ability, although they are not as common as the other accessories with which people adorn themselves. Still, people wear watches to define their class, lifestyle and to improve their looks.

There are lots of watch makers from which people buy from, from Geneva to New York, Hong Kong, etc. there is a long list of watchmakers, but which of them are you comfortable with?

How to get the best watch

If you are a starter, it is important you get a maker who you follow. This is important because it allows you to easily understand what works for you and how to get it. Watches like other accessories have specs which are dependent on the individual. You may love big golden watches while your friend prefers leather and small watches. You need to know which particular type of watch you want or like.

It is also important you consider the prices of the watchmaker you want to follow. Depending on the quality and demand of the watchmaker you love, the price varies. Not all makers come cheap, yet not all expensive watch is of top quality.

The RenderWatch team have partnered with UAP, (Universal Auction Program) to utilize the power of the blockchain technology to give those interested in the luxury watch auction another alternative way to auction and bid for their favorite watches.

Where to buy top quality watches

  • In shops:

There are a lot of places from which you can get your watches. You may have a shop where you go to frequently to get your watch. So the first possible place is a shop/boutique. The shop can be either the regular brick or mortar store or it can be in an online store.

There are benefits of buying in shops, which means that you get the opportunity to see and feel what you want to buy, at the same time, you are limited to certain products in the store. Those who have what you want may display it at a very expensive price. On the other hand, it is easy for you to return it to be replaced or for checks when it starts misbehaving.

  • You can buy your watch in auctions:

Auctions are great opportunities to get vintage products at ridiculous prices. At watch auctions, you can buy a watch which you could only dream of or only see on TV. So it is a great idea to participate in auctions.