Forumk Business Power Wheelchair Maintenance and Fixes for Spring 2021

Power Wheelchair Maintenance and Fixes for Spring 2021

Power Wheelchair Maintenance and Fixes for Spring 2021

Spring is here already, and it is time to buff up your power wheelchair. Your wheelchair has probably been through quite a test during the winter season, as you had to wade through dirt, snow, ice and debris.

The warmer weather has finally arrived, and it is time to take your power wheelchair to a new beginning. In this article we go through a couple of lessons on how to fix your power wheelchair for Spring 2021.

Clean The Outside Of Your Wheelchair

Wipe all dust and dirt with a soft damp cloth off your wheelchair. The goal is to clean the surface of the wheelchair so that it has a new shiny look or look almost as original as when you received it.

Carefully inspect the wheels to see if there is any debris on them or if small twigs are stuck between the wheel and the surface of the wheelchair. If there is debris, carefully remove it with a tweezer.

Check The Batteries

Wheelchair batteries have to be checked constantly to assure that they are working properly. It is recommended that you charge your wheelchair batteries to 100%.

Carefully check to see how long it takes for your batteries to get low during use. If they run out quickly you have to replace them.

Do not forget to also inspect the battery charger to see if it is working properly.

Replace Your Tires If Need Be

Tires do get damaged and sometimes swill show signs of wear. Do not take a chance on damaged tires and replace them immediately.

If you have just one bad tire, it can cause extreme wear on all your other tires, which can lead to further damage to both tires and other related components.

Tighten Loose Parts

Bolts and screws can loosen with time due to wear and tear. You must inspect all the screws on your wheelchair to ensure that they are tight and secure.

When doing so you might sometimes find that some bolts have fallen off while using the wheelchair, something which you might not have noticed.

If this is the case, then you must use the right bolt to fasten the screw to the wheelchair. Purchase bolts online or buy them at your local hardware store.

Test The Brakes

A great way of testing the brakes on your wheelchair is to drive in a straight line and suddenly brake. While performing this test you can look for signs such as bumping as you stop, or delayed stopping.

If you notice any of these signs it is time to replace the brakes. You must conduct maintenance on your wheelchair for added safety.

By fixing and replacing parts on your wheelchair will help you improve your experience in troubleshooting your wheelchair.

Fix Or Replace Armrests and Leg Rests

Using your wheelchair during the winter season can cause arm and leg rests to go through a lot of wear and tear.

Take the time to inspect your wheelchair armrests and leg rests for damage. If the damages are minor you will be able to fix them, but if they are extensive, it is best to get replacements.