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Learn Business The Right Way By Listening To Podcasts


Businessmen are busy people. They don’t have too much time to read and educate themselves more than they did in school. Bill Gates, one of the richest and most successful people in the world says he reads 50 books annually.

Gates is already a successful person and have a strong team working for him. When he was building Microsoft, things were very different. Today, people simply have too much to do and there’s too little time for spending time reading.

Upgrading your knowledge is something you must do no matter how successful are you and how good the business is going. Everyone who lets themselves get inside the work routine and forgot about keeping track of the world’s trends and novelties will sooner or later pay for the price.

We all must keep our minds in constant motion and learn new things. Knowledge is something that’s eternal but old information becomes outdated and at the same time, the world’s innovation drives it forward. We must keep track of everything that’s happening. We have to keep our mind ready and open for new opportunities, ideas, and learn new things all the time. That’s how we’ll stay and become even more successful over time.

Reading books is the best way to do this. If this is not an option for you, there’s another solution. It’s called podcasts. If you want to know what this is and how to make the best of it, keep on reading and find out more about it!

What are podcasts?

A podcast is an audio channel where people tell their stories for people who are interested to hear them. They can be free or paid. Most of the time, podcasts are free for listening. Learn in more details about it – here.

Lots of pages host podcasts. Some of the most famous ones have millions of listeners. There are all kinds of different ones. Depending on the topic they are working on, you can find anything you’re interested in.

For example, when you go to work early in the morning, you can listen to the half-hour Daily of the New York Times. It talks about the most important news from around the globe. This way, you’ll be always up to date with the most important happenings from around the world.

How to learn the business from podcasts?

Let’s say you’re an entrepreneur who owns a company for graphic design. You’re highly skilled in this and know how to do a great job. However, you know nothing about marketing. You don’t get too many clients and you’d like to have more so you can expand your business.

What you should do is open a search engine on the internet and look for the best learning marketing podcasts. Every category you can think of surely has lots of podcasts. Some are good and others – not so much.

You need to choose those who are the best and start listening to them from the start. Podcasts are usually uploaded on a page and are easily accessible so you can listen to them one by one. Like a series of a show, you listen to one of them and go on to the next one until you reach the end.

If you have trouble understanding some parts, it’s easy to go back and go over the material again. You don’t need any special equipment, just a smartphone that you have anyways and an internet connection which is also something that you probably already poses because, how else would you be reading this, right?

Investing in quality headphones can be something you might do because this way you’ll feel better. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize every word because of the outside noise and good high-tech headphones can eliminate the noise and make you hear well.

When you’re ready, look up for some business podcasts. There are different types depending on what you’re more interested in. You can learn about the basics of business from the Shane Welcher channel, or look for something more specific like how to build a Marketing business strategy, how to create a marketing company, and similar topics.


How to find the best one?

It’s hard to tell which one’s the best here as you may like one and dislike another while most of the public think the other way around. Still, it’s more likely that you’ll love those who are recognized as best from the rest of the crowd.

That’s why it’s best to open the internet and find reviews about some of the best business podcasts. See what people have to say about them. Read some comments and try a few by listening to a short part of their first few minutes.

If you don’t find them fun and educative, go for the second choice until you find the ones that are the best fit for you. You might be irritated by someone’s voice or their accent, it’s all acceptable. You shouldn’t be wasting time on something that will only make you nervous. Not enjoying the learning will leave you unsatisfied and this is definitely not helpful.


Learning business from podcasts seems like the best way to do it if you’re a busy person. Spending time and listening to what experts in the field have to say about it is the best way to educate yourself and upgrade your knowledge.