Forumk Business Is Your Taxi Big Enough?

Is Your Taxi Big Enough?

Is Your Taxi Big Enough?

How many times do you have to turn work away because your taxi is only able to transport a maximum of say 5 passengers? Probably quite a lot of occasions in a year so just think of the lost revenue not only for that particular job but also it is quite likely that you will have lost future business from that potential customer.

So, you need to ask yourself whether you need a larger capacity taxi Hull such as a people carrier capable of taking say 6 or 7 passengers. Obviously, this is a decision that only you should make. You will need to decide whether the additional capital outlay is worth it taking into account the forecast additional business you may pick up.

For instance, you may benefit by picking up say a couple of families and taking them to the airport or to a party. If you do airport transfers then you will also need a vehicle that is capable of carrying a larger amount of luggage.

The running costs of a larger capacity taxi are probably going to be higher than say a 5-seater saloon car. You will probably spend more money on fuel as a larger vehicle will no doubt do less mpg than a smaller taxi. Taxi insurance may be more expensive to obtain cover on a larger vehicle. Servicing costs may also be higher.

What would you rather have – a five seater taxi that is limited to carrying that number of people or say a seven seater vehicle capable of seating 7 people but that can also transport just the one person? Would the party of five people not prefer to be sitting in a vehicle capable of seating 7 people as this would give them more space and comfort?

As you can see, there is a lot to consider and only you can make the decision. Let us hope that you make the right one from a business perspective. We do hope that you have found the above to be of help.