Forumk Business Is Fbs A Good Forex Broker In 2019?

Is Fbs A Good Forex Broker In 2019?

Honestly speaking, I’ve been trading with different forex brokers for almost 5 years in forex market. FSB forex broker is one of brokers that I am trading now. In my opinion, there are numerous benefits for traders when they come to this forex broker. Recently, FBS offers their clients good trading conditions, good customer services and other beneficial things. To be more specific, I will review this forex broker with some of the main points associated with this FBS reviews 2019. It is advisable for traders to trade with FBS because of these following reasons.


In general, FBS is regarded to be one of the most trusted forex brokers in the world at present. It is illustrated that they are regulated by by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) under registration number 353534. Moreover, they also are regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) of Belize under the license number IFSC/60/230/TS/18.


Perhaps, reliability of forex brokers has always been a main concern of the number of forex traders in the world. In terms of the reliability of FBS, they won many awards in forex market such as  “Best Forex Broker Southeast Asia”, “Best Customer Service Broker Asia 2016”, “Best Forex Broker Thailand” and “Best International Forex Broker”. Recently, they won one award from the Indonesian Government. Therefore, FBS is one of the best forex brokers BRKV for traders now.

Account Types

When it comes to account of FBS, it has 4 types of accounts, which are Cent Account, Standard Account, Zero Spread Account and ECN account.

  • Cent Account: this is a good account for new traders because they have to deposit only $1 as the minimum deposit. This accounts has floating spread and traders do not need to pay for commission. The leverage of this account is 1:1000, which is quite good for traders. The account uses Market Execution of orders.
  • Standard Account: the amount of minimum deposit of this account is $100, which is quite high. This account has floating spread. Certainly, traders do not need to pay for commission because it is completely free. The leverage of this account type is 1:3000 and it also uses the Market Execution of orders.
  • Zero Spread Account: In terms of this account, traders need to deposit $500 as the minimum deposit. Unlike other accounts , this account has fixed spread. It has commission-free trading, which allows traders not to pay for commission. The leverage of this account is 1:3000, which is good for traders. It uses Market Execution of orders.
  • ECN account: traders, in fact, have to deposit $1000 as the minimum deposit when it comes to this account. It has floating spread and the commission is totally free. The leverage of this account is 1:500. It uses ECN Execution of orders.
  • Commissions & Spreads

Speaking of the trading costs of FBS, they offer traders two types of spreads, which is fixed spread and floating spread. The fixed spread is 3 pips for minimum amount, while floating spread begins with the minimum of 0.2 pip.

Deposits & Withdrawals Options

In reality, FBS offers their customers many different types of payment methods like credit cards, bank wire transfer, and e-wallet.

In terms of withdrawals, traders also have many options. The withdrawal payout for each type of payment method is different. For instance, if you use credit card, the payout time will be 48 hours. On the contrary, the payout time of E-wallet is immediate.

Bonus & Promotions

You will have different choices when it comes to FBS bonus. It is because they offer their customers some types of the best forex bonuses like welcome bonus, the bonus 123, and the 100% deposit bonus. Apart from those bonuses, traders also have a chance to win iPhone X thanks to a special promotion of FBS recently.

Customer Support

Customer support is always considered to be an essential feature when traders first come to forex brokers. Customers will be able to get a lot of support from FBS because FBS has a detailed FAQ and a comprehensive educational center. On the other hand, traders will have support from broker through live chat, which is 24/7.