Forumk General How Is The Coronavirus Outbreak Affecting Everyone’s Life?

How Is The Coronavirus Outbreak Affecting Everyone’s Life?


The whole world is in shock and over 200 countries are infected by the deadly Coronavirus. All the systems and administrations are shackled and the world’s supreme leaders are unable to handle the difficult situation. Everything has changed. The way we work, learn, and play. Schools and universities are closed. Most of the public places are restricted. Various sports activities are cancelled. There are no concerts and people are advised to stay at their home in self isolation to be safe from the deadly virus. All the things mentioned above are just the 1% of the actual impact that COVID-19 has done. Let’s have a look at the different sectors which are affected in almost every country.


The healthcare services are facing a lot of challenges and the world’s best and modern medical facilities have failed to handle the number of patients. With a large number of cases being reported and the similarity of the disease symptoms with other common flues, it is very hard for doctors and staff to recognize whether the person is infected by coronavirus or not. Also, many people with some other diseases are being neglected as there is not enough staff to handle the situation. The requirement of PPE kits and other safety equipment is going up and with industries and factories shut down, the productivity is less.


The manufacturing of various goods is slowed down. Transportationis also restricted and limited. All the old manufactured goods like food, clothes, etc. are going to waste because of no circulation as the supply chain is at halt. The international business is also disrupted as only essential goods are being transported across the borders. Cash flow is very poor and the economy of developing and developed countries are going down. The stock market crashed and people are even losing jobs and salary cuts.

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The social gatherings are restricted as people are asked to maintain and follow social distancing (minimum 6 feet distance between other people). In such a scenario, all the social places like gardens, theaters, malls, markets, restaurants, gyms, pools, religious places, etc. are closed. Everyone is under stress as they can’t meet their dear ones and many people are far away from their families as well. The cancellation of different flights, buses, and trains is also a problem for many people as they can’t get back to their hometown.

So, most of the things in our life that are affected by the deadly virus are covered in these three sectors. All that you can do right now is stay at home, maintain social distancing while going out for important things, and be optimistic about the future. Scientists and doctors across the globe are working constantly to develop a vaccine for the virus. Many countries have the vaccines trial phases going on and soon there will be a cure and vaccine for the disease. Till then ,surround yourself with positive energies. Get some plants for home and do meditation/exercises regularly. Breathe fresh air. Always wear a mask and wash your hands every hour. Sanitize all the things that you use on a daily basis and ask your dear ones to do the same. Stay safe! Stay home! Stay optimistic!