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Football Gear Business in Thailand

Football Gear Business in Thailand

Football in Thailand

Football is the most popular sport in the world. About half of the world’s total population are directly or indirectly involved in this sport. There are several reasons for the explosive popularity of this sport. First, football has no age limit. Small children as young as 4 to 6 years old are found to join national and international club academies or coaching institutions. Even though the most common professional career ranges from the early 20s to mid-30s, we are seeing a complete shift. Players as young as 17 years old have found their place in the most competitive levels. 

In Thailand, football is the most popular international sport. Millions of people are involved in playing and tens of millions watch it on television. Likewise, Thailand hosts a number of regional and club tournaments on multiple levels. There are four national league competitions with a separate amateur league. Similarly, there are three recognized domestic cup competitions and two international cup competitions. Furthermore, several Thai investors have started to invest in popular football teams in the world. One of the most popular examples is the Leicester City Football Club, owned by King Power. This is also a major reason for the growing popularity of football among young Thai people. 

If you are looking for business for sales in Thailand, we discuss why a football gear business could be the one for you.

Owning a Football Gear Business in Thailand

From the above paragraphs, we have now known why football-related business is a worthy investment in Thailand. The footballing gear business is highly profitable if you can find the right number and type of customers. If you are thinking of owning and football gear and equipment business in Thailand, keep in mind the following things. 

  • Know Your Customers

The first thing you should research before you set out to build or buy a football gear business is your customers. You can sell gears and equipment to national clubs, local and amateur clubs, colleges and universities, and individuals. Likewise, you can sell kits and merchandise from the most popular football clubs in the world to millions of football fans and spectators.  

  • Know What to Sell 

There are several different gear and equipment required to play football. The following are the things that you must have in your inventory:

  • Football Kits: This typically consists of jerseys and shorts. Likewise, you can sell both custom designs and kits from popular manufacturers in the world. 
  • Football Boots: Football boots are a must-have for any player. Similarly, you must have shoes of many different size ranges. Since these are likely to be damaged over and over again, you will have a consistent number of buying customers. 

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  • Socks and Protective Gear: Socks and protective gear are also one of the most important gears for football players.
  • Training Equipment: Football training consists of several types of equipment. You are likely to sell marker cones, flat cones, bibs, speed and agility ladders, agility hurdles, bags, man markers, and goalposts. 
  • Know How to Grow 

After you have a stable business, you must look to grow your business. Therefore, you must be able to market your business well. Look for local club competitions and try to sponsor some local clubs. Furthermore, having an online presence with your website, mobile application, and digital marketing is extremely crucial today.

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