Compulsory Documents When Applying For Incorporation In Hong Kong


Do you want to launch your business in Hong Kong with a limited company? After all, HK provides an environment which is a free economy in the global world. Or are you not quite sure about the incorporation documents or what exactly are all the requirements? The documents required may be a hassle to you assumption you did not have much prior knowledge in the field of incorporation. It is not as simple as only filling in and submitting the NNC1 form for your limited company registration. It may take the professional assistance of a local business service agency to get it done.

The incorporation form (i.e. NNC1) is just one thing which you will need to file in when considering to launch a limited company by shares in Hong Kong. The form must be accompanied with your company’s Articles of Association. Under the Companies Ordinance, all the business owners registered in Hong Kong are required to apply for the fundamental constitutional documents in the form of Articles of Association (i.e. AA). That’s an article that contains all the objects clause of your new company which includes Dun & Bradstreet South Asia Middle East the statements on the purpose of your company, and the scope of your business activities.

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In short, as an owner or the founder of your new business, in the form you will have to specify the information including your company’s registered address (i.e. where it is located?), the personal information about your company secretary (should he/she be a natural person), the particulars and information of the directors and founder members (i.e. shareholders). You will also have to provide information about the company structure for the company you are going to set up. More importantly, Hong Kong Companies Register would assume you have sorted out among yourself and the co-founders, and you are expected to provide information about the authorized share capital.

After the approval of your new company’s application of incorporation, Certificate of Incorporation (CI) and Business Registration Certificate (BRC) will be issued. That’s the moment when you are legal to start conducting your official business in HK.

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In Hong Kong’s Companies Ordinance, it requires all Hong Kong companies to obtain and maintain up-to-date beneficial ownership information which can be done through keeping the Register of Significant Controllers. As a basic knowledge to company owners, law enforcement officers will have access to the Register of Significant Controllers.

The Share Certificate is a legal document which is often used as a proof of ownership of a specific number of shares in a corporation. To apply the share certificate, provide the specific number of shares held by the person, the extent to which the shares are paid up, and the name of the person who is entitled to the certificate.