Forumk Business All You Need to Know About the Best Registered Agent Services

All You Need to Know About the Best Registered Agent Services

Registered Agent Services

Firstly, what is a Registered Agent? It is the elected person or entity that is appointed to act as the official point of contact for either the LLC, Corporation or Non-profit. The role of the registered agent is to deems them responsible for accepting important correspondence, including the service regarding processes, compliance notices as well as tax documentation. The service of process refers to the role where the registered agent needs to inform the individual or the entity when there are any pending lawsuits against the respective owners or against the company. They act as the main point of contact with the respective state’s government. The registered agent is also responsible for receiving all important tax notifications as well as the compliance information.

What Registered Agent should I sign with?

Are you in the market of signing with a registered agent, but just not sure who to sign up with? Do not worry, there have been seven top registered agents service providers identified for 2020, each of which have their own benefits and services, which can align to the specific needs for the respective businesses in question. Businesses can either choose to utilize the services of ZenBusiness, Northwest, Incfile, Rocket Lawyer, Harbor Compliance, InCorp or LegalZoom.

What can one expect when opting to utilize the services of one of the top seven registered agent’s services for 2020?


Why choose ZenBusiness?

They help ensure that the business is compliant with government laws. They accept service of process and other tax and legal documentation. They ensure that businesses are offered peace of mind which allows for businesses to devote their focus to the respective businesses.


Why choose Northwest?

When compared to other registered agents, what sets Northwest aside from the other registered agents service providers is that they locally scan every document that the business on question receives. Unlike other registered agents that only scan certain documents such as legal summons. By scanning all documents Northwest ensures that their clients never miss a document and this eliminates any surprises.


Why choose Incfile?

When signing with Incfile customers are guaranteed a learning centre packed with tons of free information. They also provide a user friendly website that is protected by Norton Web Security. They are also experts in the industry as they have served over 15 000 customers since 2004.

Rocket Lawyer

Why choose Rocket Lawyer?

They come with industry experience as they have helped over 800 000 businesses. They are also backed by Google ventures. They provide their clients with Norton Web Security Protection as well as an Information Website. Their legal services plan includes consultations with business attorneys.

Harbor Compliance

Why choose Harbor Compliance?

Clients are offered same day document scanning and delivery, they are also offered free compliance guides and whitepapers. They have served over 10 000+ customers since 2012 and their website is protected by Norton and Trustwave.


Why choose InCorp?

They are considered as industry leaders since 1998 and they have served 250 000+ customers. They have a user friendly interface as well as a McAfee secure website. They also offer many other business formation and compliance services.


Why choose LegalZoom?

They are informative and provide clients with Norton Secure Website. They also offer a wide range of businesses services. They can proudly boast four million customers for 18+ years.

What are the advantages of a registered service agent?

You are guaranteed peace of mind knowing that you will never miss any crucial paperwork due to bad weather, or the possibility of someone stealing the mail or even because you might be on vacation. Due to the technological advancement of the registered agents, you are guaranteed not to miss a beat.

What are the disadvantages of a registered service agent?

Funnily enough there are not many downsides, the only time you can expect hurdles is when you decide to set up a business in one of the few states where you have the option of being your own registered agent. This will then save you money!

If this is something you are interested in pursuing, then start the process here.