Forumk Credit Card 5 Vital Tips For Beginners To Make Online Purchases Of Glasses?

5 Vital Tips For Beginners To Make Online Purchases Of Glasses?


It looks like someone got a Harry Potter moment. Did you get your prescription and need a new pair of glasses? Welcome to the glasses community. Buying glasses for the first time can be confusing and scary because we do not really have an easy understanding of glasses just yet. You will come across really expensive pairs of glasses or some cheap ones at the same time while you surf on the web. It can be complicated for you to come up with one choice hence you need a beginners guide to buying glasses online.

Buying any sort of glasses, be it prescription or non -prescription glasses, you always want to get a good quality pair. The superior design of glasses, that’s durable and affordable. Hence knowing the primary details about prescription glasses is highly recommended. If you are also juggling through the same perplexing situation then dive into this article to get helpful tips for making a good purchase of glasses.

Top 5 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Glasses

Keep An Updated Prescription Ready

Prescriptions are highly vital for buying prescription glasses online. The prescription contains all the major details about your eyes and the changes to have in your new glasses. Many people go with any sort of prescription from the past which is completely wrong for your eyes. You need to have an updated prescription because the updated ones contain fresh and new changes in your eyes which the old ones cannot tell. If you buy your prescription glasses with an older prescription, you will find it hard to adjust with your new glasses. Hence always stick with the new and updated prescription. You get a new prescription after going for a comprehensive eye test.

If you find it expensive to pay for an eye test every time you buy glasses then visit Specscart. Specscart is a Manchester-born eyewear startup that offers free eye tests at its Walkden and Bury stores for all age groups. You can always visit its stores to get your eyes tested with experts ophthalmologists present around.

Check Pupillary Distance (PD)

The pupillary distance is significantly vital for getting a perfect vision. The PD is a distance between the centre of one pupil to another. This distance helps you to provide clear vision because the lenses of prescription glasses are directly positioned in front of your pupils. Everyone has a different PD and checking the PD your glasses have helps you escape any visual mistake and choose the right ones for your eyes.


PD is often written on your prescription and if it’s not there, you’ll get it if you ask from your ophthalmologist. You can also measure your PD at the comfort of your home. Get a ruler and keep it in front of your eyes while looking in the mirror, you’ll get the right measurement.

Comfort of Frames

Your frames should fit your face shape and size. Eyewear companies have various ranges of material and design in frames that cater to different face sizes hence you need to find the one that fits right. Your glasses frames shouldn’t be tight or too loose to fall or slip away easily. Here’s how to ensure you get the right fit in glasses.

Bridge – The nose bridge can have different types. It can top bar, lower or in the middle and your nose shape is the determination of which one will suit one you. Check the shape of your nose and its height to see if there’s any chance of discomfort or misfit in the frames. You will easily get multiple ranges of the bridge according to your nose shape.

Nose Pad – Nose pad grips your nose and helps to let your glasses stay still on your face. There are extended nose pads, attached nose pads and others that give difference secure fit. Hence it’s important to check which nose pad will suit you.

Temple – Check while buying any designer glasses online if the temple fits your face shape. Temple length also needs to regulate with your face. Temples are different as well from one another. Some can be short for you and slip away from your face while others can be too big that won’t appear good. Hence you need to get the temple tips and the bending design along with the right length.

Lens Coating 

All prescription and nonprescription comes with protective coating on glasses that helps to ensure its durability and safety measures. There are different coatings for different features that work together to offer clear visuals. The anti-glare coating helps to reduce glare from reflective surfaces like ponds, rivers and snow. Anti-UV coating on glasses ensures to eradicate harmful UV rays from getting absorbed in our eyes and Impact resistance coating helps glasses remain tough and strong. A blue light coating on computer glasses helps to get rid of harmful incoming blue light rays from our digital devices. Blue light rays from digital devices cause various painful visual discomforts like eye strain, headache, burning sensation, dry-eyes, red eyes and many more. The blue light coating helps to block these detrimental rays and keep your eyes protected and safe while operating any screen. Lastly, the anti-scratch coating helps to keep your lenses free from scratch and makes them look shiny and brand new.

These coating helps to keep your glasses stay for longer and offer premium protection for your eyes when indoors or outdoors. Many eyewear online retailers cost extra for these essential coating. However, Specscart offers anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV and Impact resistance for free. All of its lenses are fully loaded with these coatings to ensure you don’t get ripped off from expensive designer brands.

Go ahead and buy your glasses with these helpful tips to make a good purchase.