Forumk Business 5 Reasons Why You Need To Own A Lawn Care Business

5 Reasons Why You Need To Own A Lawn Care Business

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If you’ve spent a lot of time learning about lawn care and working for someone else it might be time to venture out on your own. There are a lot of benefits to starting a lawn care business that you just don’t get when you’re someone else’s employee. Sometimes the idea of starting your own business is a little intimidating but don’t let that stop you.

Keep in mind that you already have gained a lot of the skills you’ll need for the actual work involved while you’ve been learning the ins and outs of professional lawn care. These are skills you can transfer to your own business. The other skills you’ll need may already be part of your personality or skills you can work on as you develop your business.

Are you looking for reasons why you should start your own lawn care business? Then you’re in the right place. Here are five reasons you should know about why you need to start your own lawn care business.

1. You Get To Be Your Own Boss

You already know a lot about how lawn care businesses work so why not use that to transfer into being your own boss. You won’t be stuck answering to someone else because the people you’ll be working with are either your employees or your clients.

Answering to a client is much different than answering to a boss. Clients are someone you can work with collaboratively, a boss is someone who tells you what to do and when to do it. The difference may sound subtle but when it’s put into practice you’ll see how much this distinction really matters.

2. You Can Start With A Minimal Budget

Although you’ll want to quickly upgrade your tools as you grow, you can start out with things you may already have. If you have a lawnmower, you don’t have to upgrade that just to get started. The same goes for other lawn care tools like leaf blowers or edging tools. You can use what you have to get your business started and your name out there.

After time goes on you’ll be able to upgrade things to more professional versions, which will make a difference. But when you’re just getting started, the regular tools you’re already doing will suffice. The important part of what you’re bringing to your client is the skills and know-how you already have. The upgraded tools are just a bonus you can add as time goes on.

3. You’ll Have A Higher Income Potential

Once you start your own lawn care business your income is no longer limited to how many hours you can convince your boss to schedule you for. Instead, your income is based on how many clients you have, what work you do for them, and the rates you decide to set yourself. This gives you another layer of freedom you don’t have working for someone else.

If you decide to incorporate other things into your business like creating a blog about lawn care, you can use that to bring in some more income too. The point here is that your income potential isn’t tied to someone in charge of you. Instead, it’s tied to the hard work you put in, and the jobs you can book. It’s a very freeing idea to think you won’t have to depend on anyone but yourself.

4. You Set The Schedule

Sometimes when you’re working for someone else it’s hard to convince them that your work-life balance is important. This changes when you go from employee to lawn care business owner. While you’re still going to have to put in a lot of hours, you’ll definitely be able to set a schedule that works for you.

Instead of asking for time off you can just say you’re not available to take jobs during whatever time you’ll be away from your office. That means taking vacations, or dealing with unexpected family situations just got a lot easier.

You’ll still have to communicate that you’re going to be away so you don’t lose clients, but you’re the one in charge in the end. It’s your business and you can decide when that business is going to be open and operating.

5. You Get To Choose The Jobs And Clients You Want To Take On

You’ll still want to make sure you’re wielding this power carefully. Clients and jobs are how you’re going to rake in the money so you can’t turn down jobs willy nilly. But, if there’s a job you don’t feel like you’re a good fit for or a client you just don’t want to work with, you call the shots. You can choose to not accept a job and suggest the potential client look to others for help.

You might want to make a criterion for what types of jobs you won’t accept so you don’t do things without any reason behind them. But in the end, if you just don’t want to take the job, you don’t have to. It’s your business and you get to make those kinds of decisions at your discretion. No more being stuck working for someone you don’t get along with, or doing a job you despise.


Owning your own lawn care business comes with a lot of advantages you may not have considered before now. If you’ve gone through the benefits listed here and are wondering why you haven’t taken the leap before now, then go for it. There are a lot of reasons to take on the work of starting your own business.

Make sure you do your research and know what you’re getting into. But any time you’re losing hope while in the research phase keep these benefits in mind. You’re putting in the work for good reason. When you’re all set and you have your new business up and running, you’re going to love that you decided to do this. Being your own boss is awesome. Enjoy it.