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Wps License Agreement

1) The Formula Editor Resource Package as incorporated into the Software licensed to you is part of it and may only be used as part of the Software provided that all the terms of this Agreement are met. Under no circumstances will you have the right to transfer, sell, distribute, sublicense or relicense, or license or sublicense any other Equation Editor resource package. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any authorized transfer of the Software must include the transfer of the Equation Publisher Resource Package if and when: (a) you have the right to transfer the Software in accordance with this Agreement and any other agreement (if any) you have entered into with WPS Office to obtain the license in connection with the Software (if this Agreement conflicts with other agreements (if any), that you have met with WPS Office to obtain the license in connection with the Software, the latter prevails); and (b) the transfer of the formula editor resource package must be done with the authorized transfer of the software and not as a separate transaction. Additional Terms. Certain products or services offered by the Online Properties may be subject to additional terms of use and/or other agreements (“Additional Terms”) presented in connection with such products or services. You must agree to these additional terms before you can use these areas. The Additional Terms and these Terms of Use also apply. In the event of any irreconcilable conflict between the Additional Terms and these Terms of Use, the Additional Terms shall prevail. The license agreement for the software provided with the current version of WPS can be read below.

A copy of the license agreement is also available for download at the bottom of this page. At Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, we provide comprehensive support for our products. Some agreements also apply to these products. Please click on the appropriate language below for information on the warranty period, warranty service type and level, license agreement and related links to support and product information. Otherwise, your use of the Software is not permitted. If you purchase a commercial license for the Software, you may use certain features that are limited in the functionally limited version of the Software in and only under the License and The Term of Use. The features available depend on what you pay. (2) Font files available in the Online Font Application Service (the “Online Fonts”) may only be used for 1) personal and non-business purposes, 2) in the WPS Office Software, 3) in the type of printing and display on the screen only. Online fonts and the fonts contained therein may not be reproduced, published, sold, offered for sale, rented, distributed over the Internet, translated, provided, licensed, used or otherwise used for third parties or on behalf of third parties. Only if you have accepted and accepted the WPS Office Online Service User Agreement (via and its as amended from time to time and you connect to the Site as appropriately notified, 1) if an online font file is not free, you have paid for a particular service that has the right to use the font file through a channel authorized by WPS Office at the price appropriate includes (e.B.

for the Premium Template service by, or 2) if an online font file is free (if any), you agree that WPS Office is entitled to add or update or update terms and/or a validity period to that font file, In addition, you understand this paragraph and agree to it in its entirety, you may modify the font file subject to the provisions contained herein use. You may still need to confirm your understanding and agreement to all parties of the above terms before using the online fonts contained therein. .