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What Is a Term Time Only Contract

What happens if the employee wishes to take time off during the semester period? This is the first consideration for the employer and one of the most important in terms of recruiting employees who are only for the semester period. The calculation of vacation pay can be particularly confusing if it is a temporary employee who has irregular work schedules. This was the case in The Harpur Trust v. Brazel, a remarkable labor court that has raised questions about the fairness of using Acca`s recommended vacation pay calculation of 12.07% for those with irregular work schedules. In the past, part of it belonged to the addition of an element that reflects vacation pay in the salary of a pure semi-annual worker (technically called “cumulative” vacation pay), because it was not actually paid at the time the employee was on vacation. However, this is illegal under the Working Time Regulations 1998, so it is often better to pay vacation pay if the employee is actually taking a leave of absence (although we will come back to this below). The employee usually receives his or her annual salary in regular monthly or weekly equal payments during the year. Alternatively, they could only be paid for the duration, depending on the number of hours worked, with periods during which they do not receive remuneration. This article is provided for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for legal advice. TP Legal assumes no responsibility for the decisions you make based on reading this article.

If you need employment advice, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01483 751878 or If a temporary worker has not been employed long enough to create 52-week payroll data, their employer should use as much full weekly data as they did. For example, if an employee has been with their employer for 40 weeks, the employer should use it and ignore every week in which no compensation has been paid. The remuneration of school staff during the holidays depends on their employment contract. All employees, including temporary workers, are entitled to 5.6 weeks of paid leave per year, with faculty contractually required to take leave during school holidays. A person who works only 36.5 hours per week will be paid in accordance with UCL`s salary for the position at a duration of only FTE of 0.6736. Under normal circumstances, employees who are only temporary are not allowed to take annual leave outside of UCL vacation periods. The responsible manager has the right to exceptionally approve leave without pay. All periods of leave without pay must be taken into account in the calculation of annual leave. For temporary workers who are not hired by their employer between periods of work, e.B. are paid by the hour, work as assistant teachers or work under a short-term or zero-hour contract, the position is different. In these circumstances, it is often easier to take a pro-rated approach and calculate their entitlement to paid leave based on the number of hours worked.

If you need advice on how to meet flexible working requirements or integrate fixed-term contracts into your business, remember that we are here to help. According to the Part-Time Workers (Prevention of Less Privileged Treatment) Regulations, 2000, employers must ensure that the vacation pay paid of their full-time employees is no less favourable than that of their full-time employees. Fixed-term work is a type of flexible work that, if suitable for a company, can expand its pool of potential talent. As an entrepreneur, you also want to know exactly what the dates of the school semesters are each year to support your internal planning, including setting up a structure that can be filled in for that employee when they`re away. The continuity of a temporary agency worker`s period of service remains uninterrupted during the school holidays after consultation with the employer. Whether you`re considering temporary work or becoming a remote work organization, our labor law specialists can help you explore different flexible work arrangements and how they align with your business, and then work with you to implement them effectively, including creating, reviewing, and modifying your contracts. Flexible working is quickly becoming a desirable benefit for employees, and employers may find that it`s not just working parents who only ask for fixed-term contracts or similar arrangements. Anyone with more than 26 weeks of employment can apply for flexible working hours. Many fixed-term workers have employment contracts that entitle them to additional paid leave beyond the legal minimum. In the absence of an explicit contractual right to paid leave, the temporary agency worker always begins to reach the legal minimum as soon as he starts his temporary work. .