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5 Things To Look For In An Ideal PWA Development Company

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Finding the right PWA development company determines 90% of the success in a Progressive Web App integration project.

In the PWA development stage, there are not many things that merchants can do but giving the requirement list to agencies and wait for the result. The waiting time can be torturing if the developers turn out to be inexperienced and unable to deliver the solution that matches the needs of the business.

To avoid such situations to occur, here are essential things you should consider in order to make the best selection of the PWA app development company.

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Qualifications but lack of experience? Those PWA developers might be at the trainee level only and letting them in charge of the project might be risky. The first attempt usually fails and if you don’t want a low-quality PWA storefront, try to opt-out of Progressive Web App development companies who are new to this field.

A lack of experience means they are amateur in handling any issues that occur during or after the installation. Even though the bugs may be fixed in the end, it will take a longer time.

Extra time may increase the total cost of building the Progressive Web App. Speed is also a key element in the eCommerce industry.

Being late on introducing the PWA store may make you lose some customers to the competitor who finishes this stage earlier.

We recommend choosing a PWA app development company with at least 2 years of experience. Agencies with less than 1-year experience may need a longer time to complete the development process.

Past Projects

Experience is not enough to tell if they are excellent PWA developers or not. They might specialize in a particular field but not PWA development. Thus, looking into the developer’s portfolio seems to be a good thing to do.

Try to look for a PWA solution provider that has accomplished the projects for other stores in the same field. They may know the target customers better and be able to deliver the best quality solution.

For example, if your website is based on Magento, but in the developers’ portfolio, you find no past projects on this framework. Then you should pass this option and look for another agency that has implemented Magento PWA development projects.

Checking on the current situation of the past projects is also a way to ensure the service quality.

Post-service Support

Most business of small to medium size has no in-house developers to support technical issues on the site. This means with any problems happening during the operation stage, firms need to pay an extra fee to get these bugs fixed.

Therefore, it is essential to find a PWA development company that offers post-service support at a reasonable price or free.

Customer-centered Attitude

Regardless of the expertise and years of experience, it is hard to work with PWA developers that rarely reply to emails and do not listen to your requests. The final result may not match your expectations and they may not follow the project timeline.

To check whether the developer is client-centric or not, a simple way is to send an inquiry to them and wait for their reply. If they appear to be slow in answering your question, they do not seem to be the PWA development company that you are looking for. Do not expect them to change their attitude when the project begins.

Positive Feedback And References

All the information above is found in the profile of PWA app development companies. Thus, there might be chances that the failed projects are hidden and the qualifications and experience are exaggerated to polish their portfolios.

The last step to confirm whether the PWA development service you choose is the right one or not is getting feedback from previous customers. You can send messages to them to check if their Progressive Web Application still works well after integration. Also, you should ask them to evaluate the project result on a scale from 1 to 10.

Besides, you should find feedback on different platforms to ensure consistency. Some agencies can show some fake reviews to attract customers so the more feedback you get, the more certain firms can be about the service quality.

Also, there are many lists of suggestions for PWA development companies that can be found from search engines. You should check if the one you are considering appears there. However, the more popular the PWA solution provider is, the tighter schedule they might have. Try to contact them as soon as possible to avoid being on the waitlist!

Wrapping Up

The eCommerce industry is entering the booming stage with the rapid development of technology. Hence, improving the online shopping experience for purchasers is important for business development.

With Progressive Web App, we have the new definition of surfing the website but feeling like an app. There are no reasons to hesitate in this process and we highly recommend you start finding the developers now.

With the five criteria mentioned above, hope that you can find a reliable PWA development company to collaborate with and get the best PWA app.